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Lynn, serve me up amazing birth stories, epic tutorials and a whole lotta love...

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It all started when...

My first baby was born in the middle of the night at home, delivered by her dad (who's "just a normal regular guy") with no medical intervention and no drugs.

WHY? Because I was so calm and in control that nobody at the hospital believed that I was truly about to give birth and I was told to come back in the morning. 

But I was ready. So ready. The Natal Hypnotherapy training I received from my dear Aunty Khim was so transformational that I went from being super petrified to super confident. My labour was short, efficient and powerful.


as a Chartered Senior Physiotherapist specialised in musculoskeletal pain, I mainly used manipulation or exercise to alleviate pain. 

I was amazed at how the power of the mind could have such potent powers on preventing severe labour pain and warping the notion of time. 

Like a dog with a bone, I obsessively reviewed all my learning from my university degrees - in both human psychology and physiotherapy. 


Sharing my techniques and insights with other mums and

dads-to-be immediately became my passion. 


I qualified with the KG Hypnobirthing Association in 2014 and continue to deepen my understanding of the mind-body effect, learning from my own mother, a seasoned Human Givens hypnotherapist.

I've also been teaching clinical Pilates for pregnancy wellbeing and postnatal recovery since qualifying with the internationally acclaimed Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute in 2009. 

In 2016 I started a YouTube channel and has featured in numerous established parenting blogs.

I believe that birth has been over-medicalised...

My mission is to help women like you enjoy a fit, healthy and happy pregnancy so that you too can achieve the peaceful birth you want.