Ditch the idea of a long, painful labour and create the best possible birth experience for you and your baby.


A self-paced program that teaches you how to give birth without fear, without severe pain, and without losing control — with plenty of hands-on support and step-by-step guidance.


“I’m afraid of tearing, and I’m not even sure what that means!”

“My first birth was horrible, and I’m terrified this one will be the same.”

“I’m scared of the pain.”

“I’m worried my partner won’t know how to help me during labour.”

“I really hate the idea of losing control.”


Sound familiar, mama?


Hypnobirth Like a Boss is PERFECT for you if...


  • You’re scared you won’t be able to cope with the pain of labour, and you’re tired of doubting yourself.

  • You cringe at the words “forceps” “vacuum” and “tearing,” and it makes you feel tense and afraid.

  • You want to be calm, confident and in control no matter what happens during your labour and birth.

  • You want to have the easiest birth possible —  without damaging your body.

  • You don’t want to worry about your partner during labour — and you want HIM/HER to be able to support YOU.



And you want to get real RESULTS...

“I was able to push him out without any forceps, vacuum or episiotomy and it was the most powerful and beautiful experience ever!” —1st-time mum, Sarah.

"12 hours from water breaking to baby being born, 6 hours active labour. No pain relief - not even gas and air. I am a boss. And it’s all thanks to you." —1st-time mum, Rebecca.

“I knew I needed to push, but I’d only been in the hospital 10 minutes! No drugs whatsoever. I'm so happy right now and apart from a few niggles I feel great which is such a difference to last time." —2nd-time mum, Alexis.


If you’re afraid of what’s going to happen during labour, you are not alone.


Many of the women in Hypnobirth Like a Boss are mamas just like you.


They’re first-time mums who are afraid of giving birth because they’re not sure what to expect.

They’re mums who have already had a traumatic birth experiences and desperately want to avoid repeating that.

They’re smart, educated women who want to give their babies the best possible start in life.

They’re busy professionals who need flexible learning options that fit into their schedules.

They’re women with partners who are sceptical about attending birth classes and don’t really have time to invest.


Maybe you’ve already tried a regular prenatal class and feel like you didn’t learn any real skills.


Perhaps you left that class even more anxious and confused than you were before.


If you're convinced, deep down, that you've got what it takes and...


you just need the right support, tools and guidance to achieve the calm, fast and beautiful birth you want, then you belong in Hypnobirth Like a Boss.

  • Learn the empowering method approved and highly recommended by midwives and doctors around the world.

  • Connect with like-minded women who will support you and provide the friendship you need.

  • Be the boss of your birth and make it a once-in-a-lifetime experience that creates a powerful, positive memory for you to cherish.

  • Enrol in Hypnobirth Like a Boss and make your baby your top priority and bond deeply even before he or she is born.


“Thank you again for helping me and giving me the tools I needed to have the birth I wanted." —1st-time mum, Kia.


What's in the All Access Boss Membership?

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Access members-only live group coaching and my entire video vault of comprehensive self-paced transformations delivered in short, actionable lessons that are designed to fit into your busy life: 


Hypnobirth Like A Boss (£297 when purchased individually) 

Fast Track My Birth Partner (£247 when purchased individually)

Zen In 10 (£37 when purchased individually)

Dance My Pain Away (£279 when purchased individually)

Postpartum Bounce Back Call (£100 when booked individually)

Weekly Group Calls (Priceless)

The membership gives you the £1000-transformation-bundle listed above BUT YOU PAY JUST £497.


“With this course, Lynn has given you the gift of freedom, freedom from fear, and judgments so you can remain present, engaged and connected to your baby right from the word go.”— Aimee-Leigh, mother of two. Yoga, Mindfulness & Compassion therapist

"Thank you for having that live session with me [video coaching DURING early labour], it got me through hours of labour and I felt really confident."— Alex, first-time mum. Nurse

Here’s a closer look at EVERYTHING you’ll get:

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#1 Hypnobirth

Like A Boss

The COMPLETE Hypnobirth Like a Boss Video Course condenses mindset-shifting wisdom into 10 concise modules. Learn everything you need to know to have the amazing birth you want.



Download the course workbook that will guide you through each of the lessons and help ensure you’ve mastered all of the material and gotten answers to any questions. Learn the most effective way to use the material taught, and then dive right into learning about what birth can be like — when you have the right mindset. Learn about what Hypnobirthing is — and what it’s not — and start putting what you’re learning into practice with simple exercises.



Learn all about the Fear-Tension-Pain cycle and how it can completely derail your birth experience. Then discover exactly what you need to do to BREAK this cycle and have the birth experience you deserve. You’ll delve into the science here — but also get the practical, actionable information you need, and step-by-step instructions on what to do when.



Learn the right way to labour, and why simple physical and emotional changes matter greatly as you progress throughout your pregnancy and towards labour itself. Discover the strategies you’ll use to ensure that your labour is short, calm, and effective.



Get practical guidance on what you can do now for your body to ensure that your baby gets the best possible start in life — and how you can recover quickly after birth. Especially if you’ve been through a previous traumatic birth, this information will show you how this time can be completely different, and how you can feel healthy and whole very soon after birth.



This is the information that most prenatal courses don’t address — which leaves you helpless during labour in delivery. Here, you’ll get the information you need to know before you’re lying in a bed singing forms, and how to keep calm and focused even if you wind up needing to be induced or in an operating theatre. A planned or unplanned C-section can still be a excellent birth experience with a wonderful outcome, if you are informed and educated ahead of time.



Get your birth partner ready to play his part to perfection with this short, to-the-point module that walks him through what to do, what to say, and everything else he needs to know — before the big day, and when he’s on deck.



If you’re worried you won’t know when labour has started and what to do, this module will take away your fears and doubts. You’ll know exactly what to prepare for, and what to do when labour starts. You’ll learn specific strategies and techniques for maintaining your mood and well-being during this important phase.


Module 8: TRANSITION AND SELF-DOUBT PHASE (yes it's just a phase!)

Get the tips and tricks you need to work through this phase of labour swiftly and with the confidence you need so that you don’t accidentally slow down your labour or agree to an unnecessary intervention when the finish line is in sight.



Many women are surprised to discover that once the baby is born, the work isn’t quite done. Learn how you’ll be able to preserve part of your energy for birthing the placenta, and how to deal with the sometimes unexpected emotions and complications that can come along immediately after the birth.



Discover the best way to evaluate your choices and organize your thoughts into a single, cohesive document that both you and your birth partner understand completely. Create your birth plan the right way to ensure that you’ve made your wishes clear, and to keep your health and baby’s safety front and center.

#2 Fast Track My Birth Partner!

The All Access Boss Membership also give you instant access to my FAST TRACK course personalised for YOUR birth partner. This special offer is the “fast birth partner upgrade” you’ve been hoping for. Every mama I’ve worked with has seen her partner go through dramatic changes. I’ll get your birth partner on board and take them from confidence zero to birth partner hero in as little as a day!

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#3 Zen In 10

The essential MP3 album of powerful guided visualisations is the easiest way to meditate. Each track will help you release and relax during pregnancy AND effortlessly prepare for each stage of labour. Start using them daily — and download them to take with you to hospital.


1. AIR Meditation helps you release fear and self-doubt so that you can make space for confidence to fill your soul. You can also use this deep relaxation to let go of stress and negativity from work, toxic people, past events and other aspect of life that bring you down or hold you back.


2. WATER Meditation softens tension and fills you with newfound confidence to dial down discomfort, no matter where you are or what else is going on. Perfect for keeping calm and floating you through early labour.


3. EARTH Meditation deepens your unique bond with baby. It also gently eases resistance and reopens your connection to your inner wisdom. Strengthen your maternal intuition and learn to trust it in guiding you.


4. FIRE Meditation is a much loved, emancipating visualisation that arouses uninhibited courage and desire, which you need to embrace the most challenging stage of birth from a place of blissful power and strength.


5. SHE-WARRIOR Meditation is the welcome truce, the respite you need from work-life-stress and pregnancy discomforts that keep you awake at night. Use it whenever you can’t switch off because you feel the battle is never won. This beautiful meditation gives your mind permission to surrender to deep sleep, which allows you to heal and recharge.


+ BONUS: The Transcripts. You also get the PDF text versions of the meditations so that your partner can talk you through each one if you wish.

Dance Through Birth.png

#4 Dance My Pain Away!

Learn the dance moves you can use now to make your body feel better and the way to harness gravity to make your labour easier and faster. Embody confidence and strength through song, dance, meditation and visualisation. Over 35 workshops for you to cruise through and resolve the most common problems including:

  • How to instantly reduce back and pelvic pain (physiotherapy & Pilates)

  • How to turn babies who are in the wrong position

  • How to prevent tearing and incontinence

  • How to overcome stress, negative past experiences and pressure from medical staff

  • And so much more…


#5 Group Calls

Every week, women from around the world join us and profound transformations happen during these live video conference sessions, because when women support each other, incredible things happen.


#6 Postnatal Bounce Back

As a professional in maternal mental health, I'm able to offer all my members a Postpartum Bounce Back Call once their babies arrive "Earth-side". In my experience, they benefit most from this lifeline just after the guests leave, parters return to work and they find themselves left all alone with baby. When you're feeling blue, the hardest thing is reaching out to someone, but my mamas never have to worry about that!

Instant Access To Everything You Need


Hypnobirth Like A Boss (£297 when purchased individually) 

Fast Track My Birth Partner (£247 when purchased individually)

Zen In 10 (£37 when purchased individually)

Dance My Pain Away (£279 when purchased individually)

Postpartum Bounce Back session (£100 when purchased individually)

Weekly Group Calls (Priceless)

The membership gives you the £1000-transformation-bundle listed above BUT YOU PAY JUST £497.


How would it change the rest of your pregnancy…


... to know that you will be in calm and control of your birth — no matter what happens?

… to get the support you’ve been craving from your birth partner?

… to have a group of women you can rely on to lift you up when you need it most?

… to be excited about having an empowered birth?


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How does the membership work?

A: You pay a single one-time-only fee to become a member. There are zero recurring monthly fees. You then get instant access to all the membership features and the entire video and resources vault of everything listed above on this page, for a whole year! You can start the courses ANYTIME. This is a self-paced program, which means you can start once you’re ready, and work through each module on your own time, and get the live support you need along the way.

Q: My baby is due in a week. Will I have enough time to prepare?

A: Yes! If needed, you can complete Hypnobirth Like A Boss in a single day. You will feel so much more confident than if you do nothing and wait in fear for labour to arrive. I’ve had mums who sign up with just weeks or days left.

Q: Can I work with you one-on-one?

Yes, you can book a private call with me to discuss my bespoke programmes. Four-weeks or three-months and I’ve even done last-minute coaching sessions with mums who are already in IN EARLY LABOUR with amazing results.


Q: I literally JUST found out I’m pregnant. Is it too soon for me to start worrying about birth?

A: No it’s not too soon because it’s not just about giving birth, it’s about your physical health and emotional wellbeing right now during pregnancy, too.

Take care of your core and pelvic floor muscles, get rid of your back pain and other annoying pregnancy symptoms (haemorrhoids? restless leg syndrome? Yep. we can fix those.) Hang out with me live every week and talk through solutions to issues that are causing you stress (work, in-laws, low mood..). 

Starting your hypnobirthing training early means you won’t have to spend ANY time worrying about birth — you’ll face it calmly and with complete confidence. The more practice you get, the better. Ask me questions as they pop up, and we’ll work through your changing body and emotions together. 

The women who enrol in the course early find the extra support and time so helpful.


Q: I am already doing or am booked to do hospital-based lessons/NCT/other in-person classes. How is this different?

A: When you do in-person classes, you only have your notes to take home and nobody will answer your questions or continue to coach and encourage you once it’s over. But here, your learning is on-demand, self-paced, from the comfort of your own home and you don't have to drag your partner out late for evening classes after a long day at work. 

Forget about long-winded class-based lectures with confusing medical diagrams! This course is transformative because it's not just about leaning information - more importantly it's about actually SHIFTING your mindset and CHANGING the way you FEEL now and how you DEAL with anything that life, pregnancy and birth can throw at you. 

You get much more than just a course. Here you’ll find your strength through laughter and song, you’ll dance your way through labour! and embrace your deepest primal instincts to achieve a powerful birth. 


Q: What happens after I give birth?

A: Book your Postnatal Bounce Back coaching session with me! It's included in your membership!

Q: What if my partner doesn’t want to do the course with me?

A: Firstly, you can complete this course solo. You and your baby don’t need anyone’s permission to empower yourselves. You’ll have the support of the whole group — and me — to give your partner the information he needs along the way, and you’ll never be alone!  

Secondly, your partner gets automatically enrolled in my Partner Fast Track, where I take them from confidence zero to birth partner hero in as little as a day! No more excuses or complaints about having to attend group meetings with a bunch of strangers.

Q: How much time should I expect to spend on the material each day?

A: The complete Hypnobirth Like a Boss video course contains about 6 hours of video, broken into (on average) 20-minute concise lessons with easy-to-follow recaps. The entire programme is designed to fit into your life — if you’re working full time, parenting kids, or both — you’ll be able to complete the video course on your own time, and it works with YOUR schedule.

Many mamas find themselves binge-watching the videos over a few days, then going back to replay key episodes again and again. I recommend watching one video of Dance My Pain Away every day from the very start as the coaching supplements your course learning perfectly. They’re no longer than your average Netflix series episode so it’s very easy to find the time. 

Have a different question? No problem! Just email me and ask, and I’ll get back to you promptly.


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Meet Your Instructor!

Lynn Jackson-Taylor, BSc(Hons), BA(Hons), Dip(KHG), Dip(SpM), Cert(APPI), Cert(APN), MCSP, HCPC, AMRCM

I’m Lynn, I’ve spent the last four years as a hypnobirthing practitioner (Certified by KGH the UK’s leading school), helping women just like you give birth without fear or severe pain.

I’m also trained in perinatal mental health and run a programme (accredited by the Royal College of Midwives) teaching medical teams how to improve maternity services for the people who matter most: you and your baby!

But before bumps and babies took over my life, I started as a physiotherapist, freeing people from pain caused by anything from acute sports injuries to pregnancy back pain. I’m a registered member of the Royal College of Midwives, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, and the Health & Care Professions Council.

It’s this unique combination of professions that helped me develop my unique practical method for training women (and dads!) in how to master mindset and the mind-body connection for pregnancy and birth.

Forget about long-winded class-based lectures with confusing medical diagrams! Stick with me, and you’ll find your strength through laughter and song, you’ll dance your way through labour! and embrace your deepest primal instincts to achieve a powerful birth!

I gave birth to my daughter at home with NO FEAR, NO DRUGS and NO TEARING.

I believe that all women can achieve an empowering, fearless birth. Even if you're naturally skeptical (as I once was), there are ways to unlock your mind-body abilities to control fear and pain and I will share ALL my secrets with you.  


Prepare your Mind and Treat your Body with Respect & Love.


Discover (and practice with me live!) the best active labour secrets for a faster, easier birth.

Access to a whole library of relaxations and meditations.

Learn how to journal your stress trigger patterns and how to work through each one in turn.

Turn on your pregnancy glow factor.

Use mindfulness exercises to get rid of stress and find balance in all areas of your life.

Explore the exercises you need to do now to let you sail through contractions later.


Every piece of information is designed to empower you and help you feel calm and confident from this moment forward, all the way through labour, birth and beyond. Find your roar and become unshakable.



All Access Boss Membership

Find your ROAR and achieve the birth you want!