3 MINUTE Pregnancy Pilates Yoga Routines

So you're heavy and suffering all sorts of tiny pregnancy niggles from lower back pain, swollen feet and ankles (or "cankles"), carpel tunnel and all sorts!

Well, the reality is that you're bump is only going keep growing and your ligaments will only get more relaxed because of the hormone changes in your body and if you don't work your core or consciously exercise to realign your posture and tone up your core, chances are your symptoms will get worse.

I've seen women who end up on crutches by the end of their pregnancy because they don't do any exercise at the beginning. Pregnancy is like a marathon, you've gotta start preparing your core and constantly adjust as your shape changes. 

Pain and related stress combined with other pregnancy related worries crate a vicious cycle where stress further slumps your posture, misaligning your spine, compresses joints and tenses muscles and irritates nerves. That in turn creates more stress and worry and the vicious circle will not end until you start treating the symptoms and treating the causes of the stress and correcting your posture.

Adopting a mind-body holistic approach will also serve to deepen your connection with baby. While you protect your body, the next step is to relax and prepare your mind for birth so check out these resources: