How To Relieve Tension Headaches When Pregnant

3 easy Massage Points To Use To Instantly Release Pressure Behind The Eyes and In The Brow That Are Safe To Use When Pregnant 




Being pregnant isn't all glam all the time and headaches are not uncommon. Before popping a pill straight away as your first reflex, ask yourself: 

  1. Are you thirsty?

  2. Are you hungry?

  3. Are you tired?

  4. Are your eyes sensitive to light?

Headaches in pregnancy are often caused by dehydration, hunger, fatigue/lack of or poor quality sleep, or increased light sensitivity. 

Drink plenty of water (not coffee ad tea), little and often. I know you'll be cursing me when you're off to the WC for the 100th time day or night - but hydration too important to be overlooked. You'll thank me when you see how amazing your skin starts to look. 

Headaches can also be cause by hunger. Make sure you graze on fruit and healthy sugar-free snacks between meals to keep those tummy grumbles down and avoid binge eating when you finally realise you're starving. Be keeping your sugar levels steady throughout the day you'll minimise sugar crashes, fatigue and mood swings. 

Creating a little human is hard work and you'll be amazed at how tired you feel, especially in the first and third trimesters. Sleep when you can, cap naps and powers naps make all the difference. If you can, start to meditate regularly once or twice a day. With practice, you'll learn to induce deep relaxation very quickly to max out the benefits of your power naps. 

If you don't know how to meditate, download my guided meditation right here, simple plug in your headphones and get started! 

Combine meditation with some pressure point release - watch the video to learn 3 easy points to press on to instantly release tension. Works best if you visualise pressing on a release valve and letting the steam out of your frown. 

Bonus tip: if you can’t take a nap because you’re at work - ringfence out a 20-30min slot /lunch beak - ask to not be disturbed, put your eye patches or sunnies on and meditate  - if you don’t know how to meditate by yourself then download my guided relaxation MP3 for stress-release.

Mums who use it say they nod instantly and because you’re still hearing when you sleep all the benefits of the positive affirmations continue to trickle down your ears and relax your busy mind and tense body.

when to worry that your headache is a sign of pre-eclampsia?

If your headache pain is constant during the 2nd or 3rd trimesters and none of the above helps, then please consult your doctor, OB, midwife or GP. They can advise you on what medication is best for you and also take your blood pressure. Your BP may be elevated in pregnancy which is fine, however you want to rule it out as a sign of the serious pregnancy condition, pre-eclampsia (preeclampsia). If this is the case you will need further investigations and treatment.


Further information on pre-eclampsia:


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