The great balancing act of fertility energetics. 

In this episode: Listen to my phone conversation with Friday Ng U-Hock, Acupuncturist and Human Givens Therapist. Friday summarises the concepts behind Chinese Medicine and how acupuncture can be helpful in rebalancing the natural energetics in our bodies. He warns that acupuncture, like IVF, is just one form of treatment and is rarely successful if used o n its own.

He recommends self-care and healthy lifestyle changes to boost your chances of conceiving. A very interesting point her makes towards the end of our discussion is that stress is not always a bad thing.

"It's the stuff we're made of [...] that spurs us on".

I love that. Stress has got a bad reputation but if it is harnessed and put to productive use, it can motivate us to make real long-term changes and action better lifestyle choices.  

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