Worried You Won't Cope With Labour Pain and Anxious About Tearing During Birth? 

I gave birth to my daughter at home with NO FEAR, NO DRUGS and NO TEARING.

If you're fretting and feeling alone as you face up to the daunting reality that the beautiful baby growing inside you will have to actually come out some day soon - then let me give you a tough love get a grip, woman! slap before we sit down and squash those fears.

It's in you to have an empowering fearless birth, even if you're naturally skeptical (like I once was) about unlocking your mind-body abilities to control fear and pain.

Now, imagine a different reality where your body is ready and able to birth with ease and you can't wait to experience the power of birth.

Imagine being calm and in control at all stages of your labour, fully supported by your birth partner, both of you armed with the confidence, tools and techniques to have the most beautiful experience of your lives.


As a Hypnobirthing Practitioner, Chartered Physiotherapist, Pilates Instructor and Yoga & Meditation Junkie, I can tell you that your mind and your body are more capable and powerful than you could even imagine. 

This video explains the one strategy you need to follow to have an easy, fast and powerful birth with a calm fearless mindset. 

The Fear-Tension-Pain cycle is explained in this hypnobirthing tutorial and the rest of the classes in the series debunk some myths about birth positioning, labour pain and natural pain control.

Arm yourself with three empowering tools to help you stay out of the Fear-Tension-Pain cycle:

"Birth Like A Boss" is the Hypnobirthing Video Course that will change your pregnancy and birth experience. Check out the Free Preview today!


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