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Your brith CAN be Fast, Powerful, Unassisted, No fear, No drugs, No tearing.

You  can ACTIVATE their forgotten natural pain-control mechanism.

You can AVOID the Fear-Tension-Pain Cycle!

x 3 massive myths about labour 

x 3 empowering tools you can start using immediately

+ PLUS Q&A to answer all your questions


I can't wait to see you on Thursday 27th April

9pm London/ 1PM CT /3pm EST


Lynn JT

Hypnobirthing Educator, Chartered Physiotherapist, Pilates Instructor, Yoga & Meditation Junkie. Giving birth to her daughter at home, unassisted, with no fear, no drugs and no tearing radically changed her views on pregnancy health and wellbeing.

Lynn is passionate about empowering future mamas with the skills and confidence needed to overcome childbirth fear, pain and trauma and will soon be launching her own Hypnobirthing program, Achieve The Birth You Want.