Zen In 10

Blissful Pregnancy & Empowered Birth Guided Relaxations


Five Tracks To Unlock Your Power


Each powerful guided relaxation gently and effortlessly shifts your mindset, so you can enjoy your pregnancy, bond with your baby and easily prepare for each stage of birth.

All beautiful birth stories start with a beautiful thought...



Air Meditation helps you release fear and self-doubt so that you can make space for confidence to fill your soul. Let go of stress and negativity from work, toxic people, past events and other aspect of life that bring you down or hold you back.



Fire Meditation is a much loved, emancipating visualisation that arouses uninhibited power and desire, which you need to embrace the most challenging stage of birth, the ring of fire. Become fire-proof so your last phase of labour can be swift and empowering.



Water Meditation softens tension and fills you with newfound confidence to dial down discomfort, no matter where you are or what else is going on around you. Perfect for keeping calm during pregnancy and floating you through early labour.

she warrior.jpg


She-Warrior Meditation is the welcome truce, the respite you need from work-life-stress and pregnancy discomforts that keep you awake at night. Use it whenever you can’t switch off because you feel the battle is never won. This beautiful relaxation gives your mind permission to surrender to deep sleep so you can heal, recharge and grow.



Earth Meditation deepens your unique bond with baby. Ease resistance so you can ground yourself and hear your inner wisdom. Strengthen your maternal intuition and learn to trust it to guide you throughout pregnancy and birth.



BONUS: Transcripts

I want you to have the PDF text versions of each meditations so you can enjoy reading them to your baby during pregnancy, and your partner can use them as scripts to guide you through each phase of labour.


Just Press Play & Relax

This album is designed to help you prepare for birth so you can move through each phase of labour as smoothly as possible and manifest the calmest, easiest and shortest version of your birth. As you drift off into deep restful sleep, the empowering affirmations continue to awaken your inner wisdom with lasting effect. Enjoy these beautiful relaxations throughout pregnancy and use them to focus inwards and find your strength during labour.

So excited for this: I opened the air meditation and did it. At first I thought I was falling asleep but I really just entered a place I didn’t know I could go.
— Brittany. 1st pregnancy
Excellent. It’s fantastic - I slept!!
— Alexis. 2nd pregnancy
I never imagined myself meditating or listening to birth affirmations but you convinced me of its importance and I made time to do that everyday for about a month prior to giving birth.

Once labour started, the affirmations and meditative state kicked in without even thinking about it or listening to them again. With every contraction in active labour, I could really feel myself relaxing more deeply.
— Sarah. 1st pregnancy