Birth Like A Boss

Master the empowering hypnobirth techniques with internationally acclaimed practitioner, Lynn Jackson-Taylor.

Give birth with more ease, joy and power.


Birth Like A Boss is perfect for you if…


You’re scared you won’t be able to cope with the pain of labour, and you’re tired of doubting yourself.

You want to be calm, confident and in control no matter what happens during your labour and birth.

You want to have the easiest birth possible — without damaging your body.

You don’t want to worry about your partner during labour — and you want HIM/HER to be able to support YOU.

Or you already had a traumatic birth experience and desperately want to avoid repeating that.

And you want real results!

No pain relief - not even gas and air. I am a boss. And it’s all thanks to you.
— Rebecca. first bith
All my mom-to-be friends are interested in hypnobirthing and I’m telling them all to go to you!!! Thank you for everything!!!!
— Alexandra & Kris , first birth
I knew I needed to push, but I’d only been in the hospital for 10 minutes! No drugs whatsoever. I’m so happy right now and apart from a few niggles I feel great which is such a difference to last time.
— Alexis. second birth, after a first traumatic birth
Audrey hypnobirth course review.JPG
In total the time taken from when I felt my first contraction to when I delivered my baby was approximately 2 hours 30 minutes.
— Audrey, first birth
Your course is unique. It helped me to prepare for my birth without so much fear and anxiety. I could have never imagined that I could have had a baby. I felt to be totally incompetent for motherhood. Thank you so much for what you do
— Radka, first birth

How it works


Step 1

Watch and learn at your own pace, from the comfort of home. The COMPLETE Birth Like a Boss Video Course condenses mindset-shifting skills and wisdom into 10 concise modules.


Step 2

Release fear and self-doubt by putting your new pain-control and instant relaxation techniques to the test! I’ve seen mamas double their power on their first try.


Step 3

Minimise your risk of severe tearing and reduce the chances of needing surgical intervention or epidurals by learning how to work with, not against, your body.


Step 4

Let me up-skill your birth partner for you. With the right tools, scripts and techniques they become your ideal “doula” fully confident supporting you every step of the way.


What are you waiting for, mama? Let’s do this!


I’ve got your back!


Hi, I’m Lynn Jackson-Taylor


I gave birth to my daughter without fear, severe pain or tearing, and you can too.

As a physiotherapist, I used to be the biggest skeptic whenever I heard about mind-body pain control. Well, that was until I discovered hypnobirthing. Then I no longer wanted a planned caesarean-section operation and was amazed at how much I started looking forward to a natural birth instead.

I was so calm and in control during labour, that the hospital staff didn’t believe I was about to give birth and they sent me home. But just a few hours later, I safely delivered my girl at home, without drugs or intervention, and it was the most empowering day of my life. My husband, Joe, gave me all the support I needed and it was into his loving hand that Beatrix glided into this world.

The transformation was so beautifully profound that I’ve dedicated the past half decade of my career specialising as a KGH Certified Hypnobirthing Practitioner. I help women all over the world, just like you, to give birth without fear or severe pain.

I believe that every woman deserves to be treated with dignity and to be respected in her birth choices.

Too many of us doubt our natural ability to have short, effective, easy births because of the limiting beliefs fed to us by society, the media and hyper-medicalised maternity systems.

My mission is to help every mother experience birth as the empowering and positively defining life-event it was designed to be.

Nature designed birth to be BRIEF and BEAUTIFUL, so let me personally walk you and your birth partner through each step of harnessing the POWER to remain calm and in control no matter what.


There’s nothing more sacred than the journey of a mother, giving life to another. 

YOU are about to give life to another. How do you want your journey to be?

Choose to be empowered and rewarded with a blissful birth.

Let me help you find your calm and discover abilities you never knew you had. 


Wanna know if Lynn’s unique way of teaching hypnobirthing really works?

Welcome to the Birth Like A Boss Hall Of Fame, celebrating empowered women who are generously sharing their amazing birth stories to inspire you…


Triumph over trauma and depression

I just want to go back in time and explain my 1st birth story (without hypnobirhting) to compare it with the second:

So my 1st birth was traumatizing, it took me so long to recover physically and emotionally, I wasn’t able to breastfeed. I didn't enjoy parenting I wasn't able to bond with the baby and I almost separated from my hubby as I was very traumatized, depressed and unhappy. And the worst part is the postpartum depression was horrible and wasn't able to recover quickly and it took me a year to fully recover.

But after hypnobirthing I recovered faster and am enjoying every part of parenting, am able to breastfeed my baby, I sound happier and I feel very good. And believe it or not I didn't even go through postpartum depression, I was not depressed at all and it's amazing.

Even my family were able to notice the difference in me, I am very glad I took the course. I’m a better person now, am stronger then ever and I believe that I can accomplish anything I want with positivity.

Thanks again for all the support.

Mad love to you,


Went through only 2 hours of labor and the baby was out healthily.
— Alyia, first birth

I gotta thank you for all the positive sharing. It did not only help me during birthing, but during post-partum recovery as well!

My baby is now 8 months and I'm now feeling greater than ever. Reading your email every week reminds me of how lucky I am for meeting you online.

My husband and I are forever grateful!
— Rachal , first birth

Even though she was 36 weeks, she's doing fantastically well, is a very good, strong eater and extremely good natured.

I was natural all the way! My water released at 5:30 in the morning on June 6th and she was born at 3:21. Around 1:00 the doctor started talking about pitocin (?!?!) and when she left the room, I looked at my husband and said "No way in hell. Give me two hours." And it turned out that was almost exactly how long I needed for her to arrive. When I was ready to "push" it took a total of seven minutes. It was fast!

Your course helped me immensely. I most definitely would not have been in the right mind set with out your course and meditations. I know they say education is the key to change and after the traumatic birth of my son, it felt very empowering to feel in control and not afraid of this labor.

I wanted to say thank you for putting your expertise out there in the world and for helping me personally get through my pregnancy with confidence and grace.

I roared like a lion
— Audrey, first birth

I discovered 'Birth like a boss' quite late in my pregnancy at around 38 weeks. I was initially apprehensive as I thought I had left it quite late for me to really get to grips with any of the techniques.

However, the courses are really quite concise and I was able to whizz through them all in a couple of days. The course has just the right balance of theory and practical techniques which can be used during labour.

I found the power and strength exercises really helpful as well as the visualising and creating my own birth story. This was useful in keeping me in a happy place days before our birth day.

It was 2.45pm on a Friday afternoon and all of a sudden I felt a sharp aching pain and instantly recognised it as a contraction, it felt different from the braxton hicks I had felt in the past so I knew it was the real deal.

So I got my comforts close to me, headset, eye mask and sat in the living room waiting for the next contraction. I didn't have to wait long, they started off being less than 10 mins apart.

At this point I recorded the intensity of the pain as mild on my contraction app even though they were anything but, just to dial down the pain and trick my mind. I carried on like this for another 30 minutes or so. The pain progressed a few levels up, and I felt the need to be in a darkened room, my mother was with me so I asked her to draw the curtains and hook me up to the TENs machine.

I put my eye mask and affirmation playlist. This helped to keep me calm, breath through the surges and look inside my body I could picture my uterus drawing up, I understood what my body was doing so I was less fearful. However, in my mind I'm thinking as I am a first time mum, this could go on for hours so I was saving my favourite labour positions and breathing techniques for later. This wasn't to be the case. My mum notified me that my contractions have progressed in speed and are now 1 minute apart and it's time to go to the hospital. I thought she was counting them wrong so I said nooo, I still have a long way to go.

Then I felt the urge to do a poo. Whilst sitting on the toilet I strained a bit, then got up to wipe, then I felt his head.

I fell to the ground on all fours and dialled 999, I couldn't tell you what the operator said to me but at that stage I was completely in a trance. I began to rock my body, my instincts said it must be ok to push, so I did. With that I roared like a lion and my mum heard (who was in the other room) ran to me and I told her he was coming. She grabbed the phone to the paramedics and begged them to hurry. But it was too late. With another massive roar and a push he was here. My mum caught him.

In total the time taken from when I felt my first contraction to when I delivered baby Clay was approximately 2 hours 30 minutes. 10 mins later the paramedics arrived, they cut the cord and took me to the hospital where I delivered the placenta. I had superficial tears and required 5 stitches, but I hardly felt them and they have healed really well.

That's my story :)

I really got a lot out of the course and wanted to say thank you again for helping me and giving me the tools I needed to have the birth I wanted. I will definitely use hypnobirthing for my next birth experience.
— Kia, first birth
it was the most powerful and beautiful experience ever!
— Sarah, first birth
This is the best investment I have made during my pregnancy.
— Alana

Thank you so much Lynn!! This is the best investment I have made during my pregnancy. I just found out my pregnant friend in California is also signed up with fully online access – I told her about you and she said “Great minds think alike, I’ve been signed up for a few weeks now!

I couldn’t have gotten through labour without your MP3’s.
— Sarah D, first birth

I can’t thank you enough for your wonderful course which was invaluable to me and I couldn’t have gotten through labour without your MP3’s. I will do a post on fb soon to let the other expectant mums know what a wonderful experience it was and that they can do it!

I really learned a lot from your program and felt like I was in control of my birth.
— Alicia, first birth

I want to say thank you so much for your program as I found it very useful during my 30 hr labour 3 weeks ago. I really learned a lot from your program and felt like I was in control of my birth. The power of your own breath really is amazing during labour. I have been recommending hypo birthing to all of my friends since learning it myself. I had already been reading a book about it from my sister, but really enjoyed your crash course.

Thanks so much for your support during this process and I’m so glad I took your class :)
— Lizzie, second birth

He was my first baby and your online course was invaluable to me.
— Leanne, first birth

Despite an episiotomy and a tear I had a totally natural labour which although was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life was the most powerful and empowering experience.

The nurses and doctor who delivered the baby were so impressed with my positivity and focus.

Thank you for giving women access to great positive content that isn’t hippy or patronising but educational and positive.

If you would have asked me 1 year ago if I thought I could even attempt a natural birth I would have laughed. Truth be told I was terrified. Thanks to you, I not only had an empowering birth but even with tearing and an episiotomy I wasn’t afraid because I was educated and positive.

Thanks again for everything

I don’t think I could’ve done it without listening to your videos religiously!
— Georgia

I just wanted to say a MASSIVE Thank you for your course! I gave birth on the 8th of August and I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome; no stress, no complications, no interference, no tears/rips/grazes or stitches!! My labour was 12 hours in total from my waters breaking at home to my little boy being born and I don’t think I could’ve done it without listening to your videos religiously! I’ve been recommending it to all my pregnant friends! Thank you again

I definitely will be using your techniques next time around!
— Basia

I was really calm an focused during most of it but I have to say that in the last phase the strength of contractions surprised me and the pain was taking my breath away. With a bit of help from gas and air and a lots of sounds I didn't know I could make. He was born 3,5 kg and 50cm of joy :) :)

Thank you for your help and guidance.I definitely will be using your techniques next time around! Lots of love

I am a boss. And it’s all thanks to you.
— Rebecca, first birth

I have just had a baby. 12 hours from water breaking to baby being born, 6 hours active labour. No pain relief - not even gas and air. I am a boss. And it’s all thanks to you.

Just wanted to let you know that our daughter was born yesterday. She is doing amazing and we got to go home later the same day :). I’ll give you more details in a few days but everything went really well.
— Natalie

I’m so glad that I took the course.
— Margaret, third birth

I'm so glad that I took the course. My labor did not go as I envisioned but I was able to cope with it and visualize changes in my body and also just understand the process. This is the most important part - knowledge is such power! So thank you so much for providing this platform with all of the different elements. I really enjoyed them and don't regret the class or my labor at all.

I know for sure though that if I had not completed my hypnobirthing training with you, the whole labour would have been vastly different and with fear, apprehension and uncontrolled pain thrown in there, the end result could have also been very different. So thank you. Thank you, thank you thank you.
— Sophie, first birth

I’m so glad the online classes were available.
— Kimberli, Second birth

Thank you for the great classes. I did hypnobirthing 15 years ago (for first birth), but it was a great introduction for my husband and daughter and a good refresher for me. The nearest hypnobirthing class where we live is about an hour a day, and they only do it on Monday nights which we would never have been able to go to with our work schedules and then the bedrest. I'm so glad the online classes were available.

Giving birth was the most beautiful and empowering experience in my life and I would recommend your course to anyone who is expecting and wants to really be in control of their state of mind during labour.
— Sarah, first birth

After watching the videos I would take notes and share and discuss them with my husband. He remembered all of it so well when labour actually started and was the best doula I could ask for!

I never imagined myself meditating or listening to birth affirmations but you convinced me of its importance and I made time to do that everyday for about a month prior to giving birth. Once labour started, the affirmations and meditative state kicked in without even thinking about it or listening to them again. With every contraction in active labour, I could really feel myself relaxing more deeply.

Giving birth was the most beautiful and empowering experience in my life and I would recommend your course to anyone who is expecting and wants to really be in control of their state of mind during labour.


Learn the empowering method approved and highly recommended by midwives and doctors around the world.

Maybe you’ve already tried a regular prenatal class and feel like you didn’t learn any real skills. Perhaps you left that class even more anxious and confused than you were before.

If you're convinced, deep down, that you've got what it takes and... you just need the right support, tools and guidance to achieve the calm, fast and beautiful birth you want, then you belong here.

You have so much to share with women in birthing. I can say you have worked relentlessly creating your own “organic” videos, webinars and linking all through your sheer hard work and creativity
— Khim Lee, Award Winning Midwife
With this course, Lynn has given you the gift of freedom, freedom from fear, and judgments so you can remain present, engaged and connected to your baby right from the word go.
— Aimee-Leigh, mother of two. Yoga, Mindfulness & Compassion therapist
The work you are doing is wonderful. It is an honour and a pleasure to work with you.
— Ariane Seccia, maternal mental health expert

There’s nothing more sacred than the journey of a mother, giving life to another. 

YOU are about to give life to another. How do you want your journey to be?

Choose to be empowered and rewarded with a blissful birth.

Let me help you find your calm and discover abilities you never knew you had.