Parenting Mastermind

postpartum & parenting experts at your fingertips


Babies don’t come with manuals… so we made them for you!

Congratulations on giving life to the most gorgeous baby in the world! But now what…?

I encountered many challenges along the journey of postpartum recovery and had a ton of questions about how to raise my little tiger.

Breastfeeding, regaining body confidence, sleeping, weaning, child development, how exactly do I give my baby the best possible start in life..?

Sister, I know exactly how overwhelming and complicated it gets, so…


I wish I had a roadmap, professional advice, easy action plans and support systems to guide me through this motherhood jungle…

That’s why I created The Parenting Mastermind for you!

How it works


Step 1


Every month we dive into a brand new masterclass to simplify a key area of parenting or postpartum recovery. Learn from seasoned experts in health, education and child development.


Step 2


Each programme comes with an Action Plan to easily apply your new skills and knowledge with confidence.

Inside the members-only community, daily coaching and support help you reach your goals faster!


Step 3


Enjoy motherhood simplified!

With your mojo boosted, you have the know-how, time, energy and growth-mindset to raise your tiger with even more joy!


No contract!

You’re welcome to stay for as little or as long as you like.

Every month you access expert trainings and direct support from Lynn for the fraction of the cost of a single consultation. You get it all for an investment of just $49/month (That’s only $1.61/day!!!).

Free Access

If you are already a hypnobirthing member of The Boss Mastermind, your membership now gives you full free access to everything inside The Parenting Mastermind! You’ll get access to all the goodies directly from your student dashboard! Yup, it’s good to be you!


They say it takes a village.

I say it takes a MASTERMIND.


Hi, I’m Lynn Jackson-Taylor, your guide through the motherhood jungle…


Let’s simplify motherhood!

Our confidence as a parent and as a women is often crushed by our hyper-commercialised societies, social media and our own limiting beliefs. Let’s ditch the judgement and pressure to be “perfect”, so we can focus on what really matters — being happy!

The Parenting Mastermind exists to simplify your mama-life. Every month, you get:

  1. New Masterclasses on postpartum recovery, parenting and self-care.

  2. Action Plans to apply your new skills and knowledge

  3. Q&A with guest experts

  4. Members-only community

  5. Daily live micro-coaching to boost your mama mojo!