Mother’s Day Exclusive Offer

Be the first to experience the Mastermind for mamas who want more out of motherhood.


Raising Tigers MASTERMIND


Radically shift your motherhood mindset with empowering self-care habits, so you become bullet-proof to judgement and self-doubt.

Light up the way you identify yourself, both as a mother and as a woman.

Organise and unapologetically prioritise your new life, so you can avoid the blues and emotional rollercoasters that drain your energy.

This programme is so fresh, it isn’t even open to the general public yet!

But to celebrate Mother's Day, I'm inviting my current readers to exclusively test drive my mastermind in the making, for just £97.

Registration closes on 31st March 2019. After this exclusive pre-opening-run, it will be opened up to the public and at a much higher fee, so don’t miss your one-off opportunity to start now!

Become a tiger, so you can raise one


Step 1

Transform your mindset with daily actionable bite-sized lessons. Every step you take benefits you directly and strengthens your bond with baby.


Step 2

Instantly apply your new wisdom and get all the support, inspiration and encouragement you need from our Secret Community.

Step 3

Deepen your insight during the weekly Inner-Circle Calls where, as a team, we focus on supporting individual members through specific blocks.


Step 4

Track your progress over the 4-week programme. We’ll celebrate all breakthroughs, achievements and the learning that will serve you for life.

I believe that every woman is reborn herself when she becomes a mother, and that she can choose who she wants that new woman to be.
— Find Your Roar!

Are you ready to fuel your fire, mighty mama?

Exclusive Mother’s Day Offer Closes 31st March


Who’s gonna show me the ropes?


Hi, I’m Lynn Jackson-Taylor


On The Front Line Of Mind-Body Science

I founded Mindful Mamas Raising Tigers to create the supportive, evidence-based learning community I wish I had when I entered the mummy-verse!

Fast forward six years and I’m now trained in Conscious Perinatal Resilience Method™, and registered as an associate member of the Royal College of Midwives, mentored by maternal mental health expert, Ariane Seccia, in her cutting edge practice.

I also love working as a Chartered Physiotherapist and KGH Certified Hypnobirthing Practitioner, helping women all over the world to give birth without fear or severe pain.

Mama, I’ve had my fair share of mum-work-life stress and emotional turmoil, so I can empathise with all the feels!

But this training built my RESILIENCE and I wouldn’t be here to share it with you today if it wasn’t for that. I can help you find your Roar!



Q: When does it start and how long is the programme ?

A: It’s 4 weeks and starts on 8th April 2019

Q: Should I do this if I’m pregnant or wait till I have my baby?

A: You will benefit from this no matter what stage of motherhood you’re at and so will your baby. You might want to do my Hypnobirthing course instead or as well though as that is specifically for birth. The Mastermind focus here is on your motherhood mindset and self-care, that ultimately guides your conscious parenting too.